melon salad

“Can you bring a side dish for barbecue? Something with melon would be great ” Challenge accepted. I’ve never tried to combine melon with something hearty. Ok, everyone knows melon with prosciutto. But that’s totally boring. Therefore, I decided to make a


Today once again after a long absence I present to you Falafel. I must apologize for my rarely blogging in the last weeks and probably also in the next two months. I am just in the middle of the preparations for my final


The Christmas rush is over already… Did you also meet your whole family and ate fantastic? I definitely  and at the family of my loved one there was served a really special dessert. His brother lives in England and has prepared a


Glögg … sounds almost like “Glück” and means luck? I would say this drink is somehow too. Because that’s a slightly different variant of mulled wine. Probably none of you will know this version from your local christmas market. And certainly

Pork Wellington

Beef Wellington so different, that you can hardly speak of it. 😀 I love this very own version. We eat it really rarely, only on special days when my loved one will suprise me with something special for dinner. What’s so different? I use

apple rosehip pie

Inspired by the “Nuremberg baking book” an old recipe book of my mother I’ll show you a rosehip pie today. The book contains many great and especially old Franconian baking recipes, in which the author probably thought only housewives would buy

Cream tarts

Some weeks ago I was invited to a house warming party and was asked to bring a salad or a dessert. I’ve decided to bring a dessert. An absolutely perfect choice, because most have brought a salad. Therefore my cupcakes were an absolute highlight.


As promised I show you how you can complete a really fresh and nice Bavarian picnic. Therefore I’ll present you the recipe for a radish cucumber salad with horseradish dressing. For me personally it was the first time I ate this salad together with the


Delicious Obatzter. A typical Bavarian bread spread, to be found here in every beer garden and certainly at the Oktoberfest on the menu. I love Obatzter because it’s really tasty and perfectly fits to pretzels and pretzel sticks. Maybe you will have a

John Steed

It`s abnormal hot here in Germany these days. In the last few days the thermometer almost reached 100°F. So what to eat in this heat? Watermelon, of course!!! But because only eating watermelon all the time is kinda boring, I’ve a delicious


All good things come in three, right? Therefore I’ll show you an easy bulgur salad called tabouleh. Nothing European this time, but rather an Arab court. I have eaten this delicious salad in Israel the first time, when I spent a barbecue

Pancakes with blueberry-lime-honey

Paaaaannnnnnccccaaaaakkkkkeeeeeesssss. Pancakes. Pancakes. What more can I say? If something don’t need more words then probably this treat. Pancakes, stacked and doused with sauce. I think the sauce tops this especially breakfast off. In addition to the well-known maple syrup I think that homemade