melon salad

“Can you bring a side dish for barbecue? Something with melon would be great ” Challenge accepted. I’ve never tried to combine melon with something hearty. Ok, everyone knows melon with prosciutto. But that’s totally boring. Therefore, I decided to make a


The Christmas rush is over already… Did you also meet your whole family and ate fantastic? I definitely  and at the family of my loved one there was served a really special dessert. His brother lives in England and has prepared a

apple rosehip pie

Inspired by the “Nuremberg baking book” an old recipe book of my mother I’ll show you a rosehip pie today. The book contains many great and especially old Franconian baking recipes, in which the author probably thought only housewives would buy

Cream tarts

Some weeks ago I was invited to a house warming party and was asked to bring a salad or a dessert. I’ve decided to bring a dessert. An absolutely perfect choice, because most have brought a salad. Therefore my cupcakes were an absolute highlight.

Pancakes with blueberry-lime-honey

Paaaaannnnnnccccaaaaakkkkkeeeeeesssss. Pancakes. Pancakes. What more can I say? If something don’t need more words then probably this treat. Pancakes, stacked and doused with sauce. I think the sauce tops this especially breakfast off. In addition to the well-known maple syrup I think that homemade