Glögg … sounds almost like “Glück” and means luck? I would say this drink is somehow too. Because that’s a slightly different variant of mulled wine. Probably none of you will know this version from your local christmas market. And certainly not homemade. The special is probably the slight cardamom note that we do not know from the ordinary mulled wine. This variation comes from Sweden, where it is the perfect hot drink for cold days. With Vodka and wine this is perfect to enjoy it at home. In Sweden, you are not allowed drink alcohol in public, so the alcohol-free or alcohol-reduced variant is usually offered. You can also easily produce this non alcohol version. Either you replace the red wine with red grape juice or simmer the red wine before for about 15 minutes and replace the evaporated liquid with water. Now only exclude the Vodka add the spices and you already have your delicious, non-alcoholic Glögg.


Slice the orange and put them in a pan with lid together with the other ingredients. Heat all slowly (no boiling), remove it from heat and leave it to draw for about an hour. Slowly heat the glögg again and serve it warm together with some speculoos or some other biscuits.

Now you can make your own cup of glögg, just in time for the pre christmas time and cuddle in a blanket, with a magnificent view of the snow (If there is some at your spot). Whether it’s warm outside or cold, with this Glögg it doesn’t matter at all.

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