raspberry elderflower jam





Finally it’s here again, the time of the raspberries. I love them, especially the yellow ones that are growing in my garden. Many of you may not know this variety  but I think they are much more delicious. Mmmhhh. So I have a raspberry jam recipe for you but not from those yellow berries but from the better-known pink treats.
But what’s definitely special besides the raspberry elderflower jam is the picture of it. I think it’s incredible delicious and outstanding especially because of the fact that this picture was part of my final exam as a photographer. I am very proud and like it very much. I hope you feel the same and will enjoy this particular jam variation. You can either make the elderflower by yourself or you buy a tasty one in your local supermarket. Maybe I show you how to make the sirup next year because they are already faded or you conform to the lilac syrup recipe on my site.

This jam is certainly a pleasure to give away or simply perfect breakfast companion to a croissant on the terrace.

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