coconut kofta with peppers salad

shortrecipe     Kokos-coconut-Koefte-kofta-1 If I get the chance to use the sun light in my garden I have to do it. And even if this summer is hiding itself from time to time I love this time of year. All this light dishes can now be enjoyed on the terrace or on a picnic. Fantastic. Not only that I could use my little garden this time for photograph, I can also use this beautiful plates. I already own them for a while and did not really know where they could be suitable. But here I have made a good choice I think. With the charm of Arabian Nights this plates fits wonderfully to this coconut kofta with fresh pepper salad . And everything fresh from the grill. This delicious minted yoghurt sauce with some hot chili ist just stunning . All these exotic North African flavors and this coconut graters. I think it's gorgeous. Simply delicious. Kokos-coconut-Koefte-kofta-2

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