The Christmas rush is over already… Did you also meet your whole family and ate fantastic? I definitely  and at the family of my loved one there was served a really special dessert. His brother lives in England and has prepared a traditional trifle for us together with his girlfriend. This is a very common dessert in the UK, especially on feast days. I found it really tasty, but for you, we created our very own version of it. And moreover, everything is homemade. So no finished pudding and the jelly is prepared with a very special flavor. So we added violet syrup to the homemade jelly. A delicious combination with the real vanilla in the pudding, and especially with the pear compote . A pleasure …. almost like in the UK.


Soak the gelatin with some water and meanwhile bring the water, sugar and violet syrup to a boil. Afterwards mix in the gelatin and let it cool down a bit. Shred the biscuits and divide them to two glasses. Pour over the jelly and chill it for about 20 minutes till the jelly is grown stiff. For the pudding heat 2/3 of the milk together with the vanilla in a pot. Meanwhile stirr the rest of the milk with the egg yolk, the sugar and the starch until smooth an mix it with the heated milk. Divide the pudding to the two glasses an chill it again for about 20 minutes. For the compote peal and core the pear. Chop it and heat it with the sugar and the fig booze for about 5 minutes. Let it cool down. Whip the cream with some sugar and add it on top of the pudding. Now just pour over the pear compote and enjoy it.


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