John Steed

It`s abnormal hot here in Germany these days. In the last few days the thermometer almost reached 100°F. So what to eat in this heat?

Watermelon, of course!!!

But because only eating watermelon all the time is kinda boring, I’ve a delicious cocktail recipe for you. It’s inspired by the huge cocktail menu of my favorite cocktail bar. A really delightful place with a beautiful garden where you totally forget that you are sitting right next to a busy street. There’s a cocktail named “John Steed”. Have you heard that name before? That is the main role of the British television series “The Avengers” from the 60s. I think the series hero himself has rather not even tried this cocktail but his billycock hat which almost look like a melon is probably the inspiration for this drink. A very special taste experience that you should definitely try.

I bought the watermelon liqueur and even made the tarragon syrup according to my own recipe. Certainly you can prepare the watermelon liqueur by yourself also. But this is probably a different story : -D


So first the tarragon syrup … The amounts of course are based on the charge you want to cook. I took 7 oz water, 7 oz sugar and 8 branches tarragon, boiled briefly and simmer about 10 minutes further ( In this heat the kitchen is almost like a sauna). Then remove the tarragon and fill the syrup in a bottle.

The preparation of cocktails is actually quite simple. Fill the glass with crushed ice to 3/4, add each 1,5 oz Vodka , lemon juice , tarragon syrup and watermelon liqueur, stir briefly and decorate with a sprig of tarragon.
So now you just have to look for a shady spot and enjoy this really special, delicious cocktail.


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